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The work we do in and for the local community.

Lend a Hand 2014

Lend A Hand1Lend A Hand3On Saturday 31 May 2014 Rotarians from The Rotary Club of Milton Keynes and The Rotary Club of The Brickhills joined together to do small jobs for elderly local residents arranged by Age Concern.

Sixteen Rotarians from Milton Keynes, six from The Brickhills and five friends and family made up a total team of 27.  Everyone came back smiling and saying what a good time they were having.

We undertook and completed 49 jobs ranging from gardening, small domestic repairs and cleaning to rearranging furniture and moving rubbish.  What is very clear is that some of our elderly residents struggle with tasks like cleaning light fittings and the inside of windows and with garden maintenance.

Marathon 2014

IMG 1815IMG 1818

For the third year and the life of the MK marathan so far, the club has provided marshalls for a water station during the race. We really enjoy this activity that we perform for the community we live in. The runners inspire us with their tenacity and perseverence although I do not think any of us would undertake such a feat. The weather this year was perfect for running, a little light rain and temperate climate ensured the optimate condidions for running. We manned station at mile 6 and so everyone had come through the station by 12:00 and we cleared up all the empies and were on our way to a club picnic by 12:30. Helen our excellent Community Chairman has already secured Station number 6 for us again next year.

Sports Relief 2014

sports relief Many of the club members voluteered to marshall the sport relief mile held in March 2014 in the city centre of Milton Keynes. Several roads in the city centre were closed to facilitate the runners safety. It was a dry day but boy was it windy and consequently cold for the marshalls. The runners were inspirational and very deserving of their medals given out by our memebrs an the Mayor Brian White.

Tree planting in Milton Keynes

Tree planting413Tree planting513Marking our new tradition on 'Make a Difference Day' the Brickhills again volunteered to plant trees for our local council. Lots and lots of them. A small team of determined weekend diggers turned up at the Hanson Environmental Study Centre, Milton Keynes with shovels in hand.

Four hundred and fifty sapling shrubs were planted along a fenced country road within two hours and we gave a hearty cheer when the last one went in. Flagging children were rewarded with jam donuts and the diggers revived with a customary cup of tea.

See the planter hard at work on the left and a close up of all the workers on the right.. Well done chaps.

Digging the 'Headway' allotment

IMAG015620131116 144039Our local charity of the year, Headway is trying to assist people with brain injuries to return to community living. Over the course of 3 weekend days a number of club members went to the Headway allotment to dig over two large potential vegetable plots.

Creating an outside environment for clients and carers to visit and gain simple gardening skills. It was hard but rewarding work. A job well done.

See the before image to the left and the after image to the right. Good job!!!

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